In addition to our excellent furniture line, we also complete the picture for you with all the accessories, interior works and upholstery you may require. We constantly strive to create the perfect environment, whether you’re looking for stylish or practical, contemporary or classic designs. Our catalogue covers every detail and item, from sofa sets and chairs to curtains and all types of trimmings and accessories. Ahmed Mohammed Jassim also has a selection of specialty services and products, covering the following items:

  • Sofa Sets and Chairs – A Special product and service of AMJ
  • Window Treatment – A Special Service of AMJ
    • All types of draperies and fittings of curtain panels
    • Curtain accessories like curtain hooks, braids & fringes, tiebacks, tassels, etc.
    • Curtain valances and Scallops.
    • All kinds of Blinds – Roman, Venetian, etc.
  • Premium Quality Special Mattresses – A Specialty Product of AMJ
  • Leather Upholstery – A Specialty with exclusive designs of AMJ
  • Bed Covers, Quilts and Bed Skirting – Of Custom-made designs with computerized skills.
  • Head Boards of all types


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